August 17, 2017

What Makes Artigiano’s One Of The Best Bars In Reading?

There are loads of bars in Reading, so what makes Artigiano one of the best? Whether you’re taking your workmates for that drink you’ve promised, or treating a special someone, with so many places to choose from, you want to know exactly where to go. Which is why we’re going to lay it all out for you here, plain and simple. Here are 5 reasons Artigiano is one of the best bars in Reading:

The Atmosphere

If you want to relax, you need a relaxing atmosphere to do it in. Thankfully, Artigiano’s exquisite interior design and hand-picked staff ensure a chilled atmosphere where you can fully unwind. From the faint tones of your favourite music to the charming sound of wine corks popping, you can be sure that your evening will be spent in both comfort and style.

The Live Music

The best bars in Reading offer the best live music. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered, too. Local talent shines on our Acoustic Thursday nights, with global artists returning to their roots and up-and-coming Reading musicians rocking their time in the limelight. Our live music always draws a crowd, with excellent artists ready and waiting to provide the soundtrack to your perfect night.

The Drinks

Of course, no bar is complete without a fully-stocked cellar, and ours beats many! Whether it’s a couple of glasses you’re after, or simply a straw and a bottle, we hand-select our offering to ensure we’re providing you with the highest quality wines for the best price. Nothing beats a glass of bubbly with friends, so we’ve invested in our range to ensure there’s always something to tickle your fancy.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to give your taste buds an adventure, try our excellent range of craft beers sourced from around the country. Our cocktails are always ready to delight too, with our ever-attentive bar staff ready to whip up an alcoholic treat of your choice. The best bars in Reading have the best drink selection, and we’re ready to make our pitch for that label.

The Food

Oh, and the food! With our chef’s range, there is nothing on our menu that won’t hit the spot. With gorgeous flavours from around the world, you can be sure you’ll be inspired by our Moroccan or Greek offerings. Or, you can simply relax with one of our favourite sandwiches or small plates. There’s always something for you to pair your drink with, and we can ensure that they complement each other perfectly.

The People

Most of all, it’s the people that keep bringing our patrons back to Artigiano’s. From our lovely staff to our exciting, upbeat clientele you’re sure to find a good crowd at Arti’s, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what actually makes the best bars in Reading?