Artigiano smoothie recipes for a health kick

Did you know it’s not just coffee and cocktails at Artigiano? Fruit lovers will be delighted to discover that we also have a tasty smoothie menu.

Our smoothie recipes are bursting with antioxidants, vital vitamins, essential electrolytes and illness-busting goodness, providing a super-healthy alternative. Made using 100% natural ingredients and blended to order in front of your eyes, they don’t get much fresher.

Raspberry Heaven

Raspberry, blueberry, apple and mango

Bursting with antioxidants, Raspberry Heaven is the one to choose if you’re feeling a bit under the weather and need to sneak a break away from the shopping crowds. The vitamin C and K from the Blueberries will have you feeling fresh as a daisy in no time, while the fibre will help to balance your everyday diet.

Mango Dream

Mango and pear

As well as being super tasty the mango dream will have you glowing from head to toe. Not only are mangoes known for their health benefits but they are also great for promoting a healthy complexion, shiny hair and if you’re feeling a bit lethargic, boost your energy. Definitely first choice for getting you through a busy Monday!


Strawberry, pomegranate, blackcurrant and apple

A full package, the Pomegranate smoothie recipe is an all-round health kick and with the colder months approaching, a great choice for boosting that immune system. Strawberries are the key to this smoothie recipe, providing important vitamins, such as potassium and Omega-3. Not forgetting the pomegranate which will strengthen your immune system even more.

Want to add coconut milk?

You can add coconut milk to any of the Artigiano smoothie recipes. Rich in nutrients, great for staying hydrated, good for toning your skin and with an extremely low fat content, coconut milk will definitely give your chosen fruit smoothie recipe that extra boost!

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