How To Spend An Evening In Style in Exeter’s best wine bar

We get it, sometimes you want an evening you probably won’t remember, spent dancing away at one of Exeter’s many nightclubs, and that’s totally fine. Sometimes, that’s exactly what we all need. But tonight, wouldn’t you rather spend an evening in style? Treat yourself to a chilled one at Artigiano wine bar in Exeter.

Rather than screaming at each other over club music, you could be drinking and socialising to our live music as it gently emanates through your conversation. What could be better than enjoying our acoustic sets on a Thursday, or our Monday Jazz nights with a cool glass of bubbly in your hand? Our Exeter wine bar is the perfect solution to a long week or just a long Monday.

No evening in Exeter is complete without a drink or two. Whether it’s the crisp tones of a bottle of pinot, or an adventurous craft beer you want to test your taste buds on, it’s in our cellar. Pair our excellent selection of fine wines and beers with our chef’s offerings and you’ve got yourself a perfect spot for the night. Our menu is designed to complement our wide array of drinks, so you’ll always find something to suit.

You can put your sticky club Jaeger bomb down as well (unless of course you fancy one – we can rustle that up too!) because our cocktails are tasty enough to convert even the most ardent of shot fans. Relax with our range of finest cocktails, perfect for after work drinks or impressing that special someone.

Enjoy all of this with our chilled atmosphere, and you’ve got yourself a night that you can actually remember. A night of elegance and style made possible by the effortlessly cool ambience that we work hard to produce. A night of excellent drinks, exquisite food, and eye-opening live music only available at our Exeter wine bar, Artigiano’s.

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