Looking For The Ultimate Exeter Brunch Spot?


Did you know Artigiano is more than just a pretty face? And it’s more than just a place to grab a banging cup of coffee in London, Reading and Exeter. Brunch is what we’re talking about, if you didn’t already know. From your coffee to your croissant, our brunch is what legends are made of.

OK, so coffee is still the star of the show here but that’s just the cherry on the top of the cake when it comes to our brunch. Exeter, Reading and London brunchers can enjoy a range of pastries, fresh fruit, smoothies and continental-style sandwiches alongside their cup of Joe to hit the spot in the morning.

Let’s face it, coffee without a pastry before noon is criminal. Besides, you won’t be able to resist our delicious range of golden goods on offer. Already eaten? That’s no excuse.  From the comforting warmth of an almond croissant complete with powdered sugar to the tangy wake-up call of a fruity muffin, our counter has it all.

For those rare beings who can’t be persuaded by pastry, our kitchen is always full of delicious fruit and vegetables ready to be eaten raw or blitzed into a deliciously healthy smoothie. Packed with natural goodness and energy to kick start the day, our smoothies can be enjoyed as an accompaniment or alternative to coffee in the morning.

For something a little more substantial, we also have a range of continental-style sandwiches. Who said that just because you’re in London, Reading or Exeter, brunch has to be British? Think cold meats, fine cheeses and fresh salad served in artisan bread, a la European. All of our sandwiches are handmade in-house on the day, delivered to you fresh from our flavour dojo (otherwise known as the kitchen).

And finally, in our humble opinion, whether you’re living it up in London or chilling down in Exeter, brunch is not brunch without a glass of bubbly. So treat yourself to that cheeky glass of Prosecco along with our culinary delights and speciality coffee the next time you join us for breakfast.

You can read more about why we think our coffee is so great here but we’d strongly recommend you drop by your local Artigiano to try it for yourself. Did we mention it pairs perfectly with a croissant?

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