Let’s Start A New Trend: Dine, Then Wine

We get the appeal of dinner and drinks out but we also know that it comes at a price. When it comes to the perfect wine bar, Reading is full of well-stocked cellars. So, if you find yourself eyeing up the wine menu before food even crosses your mind, then we have the perfect evening for you…

Ditch the dine.

Sure, it’s enjoyable to splash out on a delectable meal, and take it from us we enjoy an evening meal well spent. Sometimes, though, you just need to grab a bite at home and then kick back with a good bottle of vino in the cosy atmosphere of a wine bar. Reading benefits from a lively nightlife, so whether you are searching for a romantic spot to show a special someone or a lively hangout for your Friday night splurge, there’s always room for a wine night at Artigiano’s.

There’s no better way to sample the delights of a variety of different wines. Awaiting you is a fully-stocked cellar catering to a number of different wine tastes and experiences as well as our team of expert bartenders on hand to nudge you towards your new favourite tipple. Why up the cost of your evening when you can get straight to the good stuff and spend less while you’re at it?

When it comes to deciding on your chosen wine bar, Reading can offer a strong selection. However, if you’re looking for a relaxing, chilled space with a sophisticated, dynamic vibe to share some of the best wines around, nothing beats Artigiano’s. Devoting your evening to the joys of the grape allows you to concentrate on the specific flavours and tones of the fine wines on offer. You never know, it might be just the focus you need to discover the subtle notes of your new go-to!

And if you’re feeling peckish by the end of the night, there’s always our famous nibbles selection to keep your taste buds awake!

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