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August 17, 2017

How To Spend An Evening In Style in Exeter’s best wine bar

We get it, sometimes you want an evening you probably won’t remember, spent dancing away at one of Exeter’s many nightclubs, and that’s totally fine. Sometimes, that’s exactly what we all need. But tonight, wouldn’t you rather spend an evening in style? Treat yourself to a chilled one at Artigiano wine bar in Exeter.

Rather than screaming at each other over club music, you could be drinking and socialising to our live music as it gently emanates through your conversation. What could be better than enjoying our acoustic sets on a Thursday, or our Monday Jazz nights with a cool glass of bubbly in your hand? Our Exeter wine bar is the perfect solution to a long week or just a long Monday.

No evening in Exeter is complete without a drink or two. Whether it’s the crisp tones of a bottle of pinot, or an adventurous craft beer you want to test your taste buds on, it’s in our cellar. Pair our excellent selection of fine wines and beers with our chef’s offerings and you’ve got yourself a perfect spot for the night. Our menu is designed to complement our wide array of drinks, so you’ll always find something to suit.

You can put your sticky club Jaeger bomb down as well (unless of course you fancy one – we can rustle that up too!) because our cocktails are tasty enough to convert even the most ardent of shot fans. Relax with our range of finest cocktails, perfect for after work drinks or impressing that special someone.

Enjoy all of this with our chilled atmosphere, and you’ve got yourself a night that you can actually remember. A night of elegance and style made possible by the effortlessly cool ambience that we work hard to produce. A night of excellent drinks, exquisite food, and eye-opening live music only available at our Exeter wine bar, Artigiano’s.

August 8, 2017

Looking For The Ultimate Exeter Brunch Spot?

exeter brunch

Did you know Artigiano is more than just a pretty face? And it’s more than just a place to grab a banging cup of coffee in London, Reading and Exeter. Brunch is what we’re talking about, if you didn’t already know. From your coffee to your croissant, our brunch is what legends are made of.

OK, so coffee is still the star of the show here but that’s just the cherry on the top of the cake when it comes to our brunch. Exeter, Reading and London brunchers can enjoy a range of pastries, fresh fruit, smoothies and continental-style sandwiches alongside their cup of Joe to hit the spot in the morning.

Let’s face it, coffee without a pastry before noon is criminal. Besides, you won’t be able to resist our delicious range of golden goods on offer. Already eaten? That’s no excuse.  From the comforting warmth of an almond croissant complete with powdered sugar to the tangy wake-up call of a fruity muffin, our counter has it all.

For those rare beings who can’t be persuaded by pastry, our kitchen is always full of delicious fruit and vegetables ready to be eaten raw or blitzed into a deliciously healthy smoothie. Packed with natural goodness and energy to kick start the day, our smoothies can be enjoyed as an accompaniment or alternative to coffee in the morning.

For something a little more substantial, we also have a range of continental-style sandwiches. Who said that just because you’re in London, Reading or Exeter, brunch has to be British? Think cold meats, fine cheeses and fresh salad served in artisan bread, a la European. All of our sandwiches are handmade in-house on the day, delivered to you fresh from our flavour dojo (otherwise known as the kitchen).

And finally, in our humble opinion, whether you’re living it up in London or chilling down in Exeter, brunch is not brunch without a glass of bubbly. So treat yourself to that cheeky glass of Prosecco along with our culinary delights and speciality coffee the next time you join us for breakfast.

You can read more about why we think our coffee is so great here but we’d strongly recommend you drop by your local Artigiano to try it for yourself. Did we mention it pairs perfectly with a croissant?

August 8, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Care About Really Good Coffee

cafes in reading

There are plenty of cafes in Reading, London and Exeter, but how many actually take an interest in the beans they’re serving up in your cup? At Artigiano, we think all cafes should take pride in their coffee like we do and inspire you to care about drinking good coffee too. But why? Here are 5 reasons, for a start.

1. Coffee just tastes better when you know it’s from an ethical source.


2. When you care about your coffee, you care about the people behind the beans.

It’s important to know and appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to growing the coffee you drink every day. As a supplier of coffee, there’s nothing better than watching these people and their farms grow. Thankfully, our direct traders discovered the Mierisch family, a creative bunch who share our passion for experimentation and sustainable farming futures. We also get our beans from the Santa Elena farm, maintained by the Lima family. We’ve fallen in love with their slowly ripened, complex flavours and painstaking approach to taste, and our customers always do too.

3. Investment in producers means a better product.

When you invest so much in your producers, you can rest assured knowing you receive a better standard of bean. The danger for many cafes in Reading and the rest of the UK is overestimating the investment required to procure this quality of beans and turning to mass-produced supplies. If you’ve sourced your beans from an ethical farm that you care about and identify with, though, your beans are going to reflect this, so it’s a worthwhile investment and costs a lot less than you’d imagine.

4. Speciality roasting means extra-special coffee.

But what about when the beans hit the grinder? Not all cafes in Reading, Exeter and London are sourcing from speciality roasters today, so when you come across one you can really tell.  Our proven skills in the roasting arena mean that the beans we have worked so hard to select and procure are treated right, ensuring the very best flavours make their way into your cup.

5. Good coffee is an art form

At the end of the day, coffee beans are only as good as the barista. What’s the point of careful growing and top-notch roasting without top-notch baristas to bring out those flavours so carefully crafted throughout the process? Caring about your coffee means that every latte, flat white or long black you drink has been perfectly pulled off, having been given the right level of expertise and attention.

Read more about our speciality coffee here or come say hey in one of our Reading, Exeter or London locations and try a cup yourself. You’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.

August 8, 2017

Take A Tour Of The Best Cafes In Exeter

cafes in Exeter, Reading, Cardiff, London


Waking up and hankering for really good coffee is no problem when you live in Exeter.  There are a number of cafes in Exeter and, thanks to the city’s shared love of great tasting coffee, you’re never far from the perfect cup of Joe. If you’re not sure of the best spot near you, check out our recommendations below.

City Centre

If you’re strolling through the City Centre, then it has to be Artigiano (obviously). Of course, we were always going to say that but honestly, you just can’t beat our delicious range of speciality coffee (not to mention our sumptuous smoothies and brilliant brunch options too). Our specialist baristas will whip you up a mug of the good stuff to enjoy in a chilled out atmosphere. We’re lucky enough to hold a prime location in town, meaning whichever end you find yourself you’re never far away. We also offer outdoor seating so can you soak up a little sunshine whilst enjoying your coffee too. What better way to start the day?

Fore Street

Looking for something beyond the bustle of the high street? Take a wander down the intriguing Fore Street. A somewhat overlooked part of the city; this collection of independent shops and cafes in Exeter is an up-and-coming area that’s full of charisma. The Glorious Art House takes pride of place in the centre of Fore Street, offering teas, coffees, sandwiches and cakes in a gorgeously decorated art gallery-come-café.

Exeter University

For students stuck on campus, Exeter University provides a number of cafes to help fuel studies but if it’s real coffee you’re after, keep an eye out for Camper Coffee Co. The mobile café serves up awesome tasting coffee from their cool, vintage VW.


If you find yourself on this side of the city, then the lesser-known No. 1 Polsloe might be just the thing. A short distance from the centre of Exeter, they offer brunch, lunch and coffee in a light and airy atmosphere. With connections to local artists offering up a beautiful aesthetic and the opportunity to purchase a slice of design for yourself, No. 1 Polsloe is our top pick for coffee if you’re in the area.

The Quay

Traded the city streets for the relaxing sounds of the Quay? You’ll be glad to know that the wonderful range of cafes in Exeter doesn’t end in the town centre. There’s a lot to choose from at the Quay, but we’d direct you to the Coffee Cellar. We dig their passion for coffee, their Northern Italian blends and the chilled out, waterside spot.

No matter where you are in Exeter, we’re sure you’ll find a great cup of coffee that hits the spot. However, for a truly remarkable coffee, we reckon a short walk to Artigano is always worth it, wherever you are.

August 8, 2017

The Rise of Craft Beer In The UK

craft beer reading artis

To fully appreciate the range of craft beer Reading has to offer, we thought we’d take you back to the roots of craft culture and explore the history of this brewing revolution.

US Origins

The end of the 1970s saw a decrease in the size and shape of the American beer industry. Overrun by corporate production, the taste and diversity of beer reached a standstill, with large conglomerates controlling an increasingly uniform, watered-down industry. Let’s just say the industry was about as flat as a pint that’s sat in the sun for too long…

During this time, however, President Jimmy Carter made a move that would ultimately save the beer industry from hopeless monotony. He deregulated the brewing industry (hurrah!) allowing hundreds of Americans to begin developing a homebrew culture. Giving way to tastes and traditions from far beyond the US, these became the original craft beers.

One of the main movers and shakers was the New Albion Brewery in Sonoma, California. Founded by a homebrew enthusiast, the company only produced for six short years but the inspiration others drew from these guys lasted much longer and rising craft breweries of the time followed in New Albion’s footsteps.

The 1980s and 1990s saw momentum surge for American craft beers. A movement defined by passion, vision and dynamism of taste, the home brewers of the era were driven by their desire to rebel against the mass-produced commodity mainstream beer had become.

Since 2005, there’s been a resurgence of this movement as more beer drinkers began to identify with smaller, local brewers. Thus, craft beer became the cult staple it is today.

Crossing The Pond

The move from this American grassroots campaign to the rising cult of craft beer in Reading and the rest of the UK today took place along a surprisingly similar timeline. While America was struggling with mass produced corporate beers, the UK was facing threats to its long established tradition of British cask ale. In 1971, a group of British ale enthusiasts formed CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. CAMRA had an enormous impact on the preservation of traditional beer production and still stands today as a strong force in the industry.

It wasn’t until 2002, however, that the craft beer scene seriously stormed the UK. Good old Gordon Brown instated the Progressive Beer Duty, which allowed smaller breweries to pay less tax and, inspired by our friends across the pond, the industry exploded. The growth of small breweries in the UK grew exponentially, with 2005 marking the true surge in craft beer popularity across the country. While we like to think of craft beer as a small cult movement it is, in part, these figures and political moves we have to thank for the incredible array of craft beer Reading and the UK can enjoy today.

Why We Love Craft Beer

Beer should be about individuality, heritage, tradition, exploration, taste and smell – all values that are distinctly lacking in mass-produced beverages, which prioritise profit margins.

Creativity is at the heart of craft beer production, from the brewing processes and ingredients to label design and marketing. Craft brewers spend time focusing on taste and quality. They are invested in producing a unique and great tasting product. Every brewery is different and you’ll find exclusive tastes in each delightful bottle of craft beer. Reading alone offers a number flavours from all around the world, right on your doorstep. Exploration and experimentation are fundamental to the craft beer industry, and that’s something we whole-heartedly encourage at Artigiano. 

We also love choice. There are so many great beers out there to try, each with wildly different influences, traditions and tastes. Each bottle becomes an experience, rather than an accompaniment to a night with friends or a means to an inebriated end. Challenging and developing your own taste buds allows you to step away from the traditions you have become comfortable with and opens you up to a whole new world. The assortment of craft beer on offer has even become the focal point of social gatherings for some – trying new flavours with friends and discussing each one.

The tight-knit community of the craft beer cult is another reason to love this exciting industry. Encouraging creativity and obliterating boundaries, brewers and drinkers alike work together to ensure craft breweries will continue to survive and flourish.

For all these reasons and more, we offer a wide range of craft beers. Reading, Exeter, Oxford and London’s Artigiano all benefit from a diverse line-up of local breweries. So pop in for a drinking adventure that might just change the way you view beer itself.