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Waking up and hankering for really good coffee is no problem when you live in Exeter.  There are a number of cafes in Exeter and, thanks to the city’s shared love of great tasting coffee, you’re never far from the perfect cup of Joe. If you’re not sure of the best spot near you, check out our recommendations below.

City Centre

If you’re strolling through the City Centre, then it has to be Artigiano (obviously). Of course, we were always going to say that but honestly, you just can’t beat our delicious range of speciality coffee (not to mention our sumptuous smoothies and brilliant brunch options too). Our specialist baristas will whip you up a mug of the good stuff to enjoy in a chilled out atmosphere. We’re lucky enough to hold a prime location in town, meaning whichever end you find yourself you’re never far away. We also offer outdoor seating so can you soak up a little sunshine whilst enjoying your coffee too. What better way to start the day?

Fore Street

Looking for something beyond the bustle of the high street? Take a wander down the intriguing Fore Street. A somewhat overlooked part of the city; this collection of independent shops and cafes in Exeter is an up-and-coming area that’s full of charisma. The Glorious Art House takes pride of place in the centre of Fore Street, offering teas, coffees, sandwiches and cakes in a gorgeously decorated art gallery-come-café.

Exeter University

For students stuck on campus, Exeter University provides a number of cafes to help fuel studies but if it’s real coffee you’re after, keep an eye out for Camper Coffee Co. The mobile café serves up awesome tasting coffee from their cool, vintage VW.


If you find yourself on this side of the city, then the lesser-known No. 1 Polsloe might be just the thing. A short distance from the centre of Exeter, they offer brunch, lunch and coffee in a light and airy atmosphere. With connections to local artists offering up a beautiful aesthetic and the opportunity to purchase a slice of design for yourself, No. 1 Polsloe is our top pick for coffee if you’re in the area.

The Quay

Traded the city streets for the relaxing sounds of the Quay? You’ll be glad to know that the wonderful range of cafes in Exeter doesn’t end in the town centre. There’s a lot to choose from at the Quay, but we’d direct you to the Coffee Cellar. We dig their passion for coffee, their Northern Italian blends and the chilled out, waterside spot.

No matter where you are in Exeter, we’re sure you’ll find a great cup of coffee that hits the spot. However, for a truly remarkable coffee, we reckon a short walk to Artigano is always worth it, wherever you are.

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