We didn't set out to start a coffee cult. We just trawled the globe for the best beans from the best growers. It's this potent mix of plants + people that gives our blended espresso and single estate coffee – a taste you could sell to the gods.

Arti’s Espresso Blend

Our beans are picked by hand at high altitude on single estate farms. Up here, in the clouds, they grow slow and hoard flavour, ripening to a radiant red. So with a deft merge and light roast, we can brew a blend of beauty. A blend like no other.

Arti’s Single Estate

We’re coffee geeks, so we like to experiment. Single estate lets us adapt to the seasons and bring in caffeine exotica from rare climates, throughout the year. We promise you flavours to send you to the moon and back.


Want to feel invigorated and on top of the world? Whether you are looking for a boost for your working day or a quick refresher for a shopping bonanza, we have created a range of juices & smoothies made using 100% natural ingredients. We use only the freshest ingredients, making our juices & smoothies some of the best in town. They are designed to offer many nutritional benefits and all of them are blended to order at our bar. Go on – drink yourself healthy.


Let’s face it. You can’t beat a good milkshake – a drink that can not only take you back to your childhood but is enjoying somewhat of a revival at the moment. Choose from our four gorgeous flavours of Chocolate, Oreo, Vanilla or Strawberry, then sit back and watch the world go by as you sup the velvety treat.

Breakfast @ Arti’s

Our breakfasts are what legends are made of, whether you've got a king's appetite or fancy a lighter bite. With quality coffee at the heart of our offer combined with smoothies to die for, you are sure to start your day the right way.


Our legendary tray bakes, cakes, muffins and brownies would challenge even the strongest willpower. But hey, you’re going to the gym later anyway, so what are you waiting for. Go, on indulge in a slice of gooey chocolate cake, banana and chocolate loafcake or maybe even one of our delicious muffins.


You believe food should be full of flavour, texture and delicious ingredients – not chilled to oblivion. Choose from deep-filled bagels, baguettes and sandwiches all made fresh daily in our kitchens. Or tuck into a punchy salad full of superfood ingredients, nutritious greens and protein-packed grains. Fancy a taste of Greece? No problem. More of a Moroccan vibe going on? We have flavours for you. If you've got more of a sweet tooth, our tray bakes, muffins and pastries are well worth the adventure – you can always run it off in the gym later.