Meet Our Coffee Growers

Artigiano Espresso Blend

The Artigiano espresso blend is roasted to create a cup that is approachable, bold and sweet. The component coffees in the blend are direct traded by Origin Coffee Roasters and evolve based on seasonality.

The current iteration of the blend is composed of 75% Nicaragua Los Altos and 25% El Salvador Santa Elena.

Find out more about these amazing family run coffee farms and our coffee supplier, Origin Coffee Roasters, below:

Mierisch family – Los Altos

Origin have been working with the Mierisch family and their award winning farms since 2009 and every year we look forward to visiting them in Nicaragua.

The Mierisch family – father Erwin Senior (pictured above), daughter Eleane and brother Erwin are constant innovators and explorers of the potential of coffee, with a continual focus on developing better farming techniques, varietal experimentation and the future of the coffee farming industry.

Origin selected the deliciously creamy Los Altos to give the blend a deep sweetness that is toned with comforting notes of nuts and chocolate.

Erwin Mierisch Senior origincoffee6
origincoffee3 origincoffee1

Lima family – Santa Elena

Santa Elena has been in the heart of our blends for years. Fernando Lima is a quiet and kind man with a welcoming smile. Santa Elena overlooks the beautiful volcano crater Lake

The Santa Elena farm is based at a very high altitude with dense shade over the coffee trees. This combination creates a slow maturation of the coffee cherries which means the coffee slowly ripens, developing complex and sweet flavours. Fernando then takes his coffee to his Serbia Mill closer to Coatepeque where it is washed and dried in thin layers on patios.

Coffee Truck Origin's head of coffee Joshua Tarlo with Fernando Lima
Fernando Lima Santa Elena owner Coffee Farm

Feature coffees

As well as their mainstay espresso blend Artigiano brew monthly feature coffees. These are single origin coffees that showcase different countries of origin, varietals, processing and flavour profiles, demonstrating the very best in speciality coffee.

As an example, the current feature coffee is San Antonia, a washed coffee from El Salvador. Please see an information sheet about this coffee attached.

Origin Coffee Roasters

Origin curate special coffees from around the world with over 90% through direct trade sourcing, single origin coffees. Direct trade means Origin support their farm and mill partners by paying over and above Fairtrade prices, without exception. They travel to the farms and listen to the workers and their families. Being on the ground and seeing everything with their own eyes shows them how committed their partners are to environmentally and socially sustainable practices. The stories behind each cup stretch across continents and through generations of expertise.

Origin Coffee Origin direct trade coffee cherries

Their roastery is in Cornwall where they roast on two Loring Smart Roasts (some of the most environmentally friendly roasters available). When roasting they blend sensory skill and technical expertise in order to respect the individual characteristics of the coffee beans and highlight the flavours arising from country, terroir, varietal and processing method.

Origin the roastery education Origin the roastery loring smart roasts

Origin is shaped by the desire to empower and enthuse people at every stage of the coffee journey. As part of this their education team teach the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe’s Coffee Diploma and work with some of the UKs most awarded baristas, including the current 2016 UK Barista Champion. For Origin, it’s all about precision and craft throughout the supply chain.

Coffee beans drying Direct trade coffee farm

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