5 Reasons You Should Care About Really Good Coffee

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There are plenty of cafes in Reading, London and Exeter, but how many actually take an interest in the beans they’re serving up in your cup? At Artigiano, we think all cafes should take pride in their coffee like we do and inspire you to care about drinking good coffee too. But why? Here are 5 reasons, for a start.

1. Coffee just tastes better when you know it’s from an ethical source.


2. When you care about your coffee, you care about the people behind the beans.

It’s important to know and appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to growing the coffee you drink every day. As a supplier of coffee, there’s nothing better than watching these people and their farms grow. Thankfully, our direct traders discovered the Mierisch family, a creative bunch who share our passion for experimentation and sustainable farming futures. We also get our beans from the Santa Elena farm, maintained by the Lima family. We’ve fallen in love with their slowly ripened, complex flavours and painstaking approach to taste, and our customers always do too.

3. Investment in producers means a better product.

When you invest so much in your producers, you can rest assured knowing you receive a better standard of bean. The danger for many cafes in Reading and the rest of the UK is overestimating the investment required to procure this quality of beans and turning to mass-produced supplies. If you’ve sourced your beans from an ethical farm that you care about and identify with, though, your beans are going to reflect this, so it’s a worthwhile investment and costs a lot less than you’d imagine.

4. Speciality roasting means extra-special coffee.

But what about when the beans hit the grinder? Not all cafes in Reading, Exeter and London are sourcing from speciality roasters today, so when you come across one you can really tell.  Our proven skills in the roasting arena mean that the beans we have worked so hard to select and procure are treated right, ensuring the very best flavours make their way into your cup.

5. Good coffee is an art form

At the end of the day, coffee beans are only as good as the barista. What’s the point of careful growing and top-notch roasting without top-notch baristas to bring out those flavours so carefully crafted throughout the process? Caring about your coffee means that every latte, flat white or long black you drink has been perfectly pulled off, having been given the right level of expertise and attention.

Read more about our speciality coffee here or come say hey in one of our Reading, Exeter or London locations and try a cup yourself. You’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.

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