Get to Know Origin Coffee Growers

“Good coffee depends on good relationships”

So say Origin Coffee, a roasting company devoted to bringing you high-quality beans through direct trade. Blending the perfect cup and highlighting the best roast is by no means the beginning of the story with any coffee, and Origin want you to know this. Their speciality coffee is traceable right back to its farmers and pickers, with a sweetness that can only come from strong ethical practices and support. Growing coffee in this sustainable manner has allowed them to gain an understanding of their employees across the world and ultimately afford them the chance to tell their story.

Stories really are at the heart of Origin’s work. They’ve travelled the globe to select the best flavours from the best farms, listening to their farmers, workers, and families every step of the way. Their trade practices highlight the respect Origin have for the generational stories and expertise surrounding their coffee. From these rural beginnings, Origin coffee is transported to its roasting centre for the next stage of bean magic.

Origin pay as much attention to their roasting process as they do to growing coffee. Their roasting process revolves around a Loring Smart roaster, which they diligently check over a period of days to ensure they hit their sweet spot. Colour, form, and smell are checked as the roasting process takes place, requiring an intense combination of understanding of the craft and instinctive reaction to the bean’s best state. It’s a process as human as the sourcing and growing stages that comes before it, a deeply personal roasting solution that emphasises intuition over cold, hard production – a feature of Origin coffee that persists throughout every bean’s journey.

Through their inspirational attention to their sourcing process and dedication to realising their product’s full potential, Origin have demonstrated that growing coffee is by no means a small venture. Origin give their coffee a personal touch through the amazing stories they share with it. The stories of their farmers, families, heritage, and culture. The stories that come alive with every sip.

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