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An evening at Artigiano is an experience, and what can bring the people enjoying that experience closer together than live music? We offer the best live music Reading has to offer, our weekly live lounge events bringing local and national talent to your local hangout every Thursday. If you’re after more live music, Exeter never disappoints with its vast array of musical talent. Pop in for our Monday Jazz nights where we feature the most distinctive of South West jazz artists, or perhaps chill out with our weekly live lounge sessions. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to make sure you stay up to date with every event we have planned for you.

When it comes to showcasing rich talent in live music, Reading and Exeter offer a diverse range of homegrown talent we celebrate weekly. Our shows highlight top musical acts from the surrounding area while making way for artists from further afield. If you’re looking for new live music, Exeter benefits from the broad range of voices available in the South West with featured artists spanning Devon and Somerset. Our London location also benefits from a lively music scene, all of which we aim to highlight in our many events.

Alongside our extensive stock of beers and wines and tasty fine foods on offer, come and enjoy the best live music Reading has to show. If you’re in the South West and looking to hear some local new live music, Exeter is the place to be. Our rich atmosphere and focus on local talent is perfect for an evening spent enjoying new artists or chilling out with our frequent acoustic sets.

Whatever the hour, whatever the event, Artigiano is waiting with a rich soundscape and perfect vibe to fuel your night.