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June 6, 2016

Where Does Arti’s Coffee Come From?

Origin Coffee Roasters
Source. Roast. Teach. Brew.

When we at Artigiano set out to create a new kind of coffee shop, we knew that our coffee needed to be the star of the show. We didn’t want to serve anything less than the best, so, over a cup of Joe, we agreed to work with Origin.

Origin curate incredibly special coffees from around the world. Their approach to sourcing is through direct trade – over 90% of the coffees they currently feature are direct trade, the other 10% through importers and collaborative importer partnerships. Through their direct trade sourcing, Origin visit the farms and mills they work with at least once a year, paying in excess of Fair Trade prices and ensuring that the producers they work with are dedicated to environmental and social sustainability. By being on the ground they are able to speak to the farmers, the workers and their families – to ask questions and see things with their own eyes. This model of sourcing also ensures that not only is the coffee they sell ethical and of exceptional quality, but it is fully traceable – something which is fundamental to speciality coffee.

The green coffee they source is then roasted in Cornwall on two Loring Smart Roasts. These roasters are among the most environmentally friendly available; compared to a traditional roaster with an afterburner, the Loring can produce 83 per cent less CO2. The coffee is roasted lightly and freshly by expert roasters, who skilfully combine science and technology with sensory knowledge; the light roasting ensures that the individual characteristics of the coffee they source is complemented and enhanced.

Their education team, based in training labs in Cornwall and London, teach the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) Coffee Diploma. Through this and their relationships with some of the UK’s most awarded baristas, including the current 2016 UK Barista Champion, they work to ensure that the brewing does justice to the producers. For Origin, it’s all about precision and craft throughout the supply chain, which is why we at Artigiano chose to work with them.