Wine Bar

When day turns to night, Artigiano wine bar truly comes alive. Featuring a standout collection of hand selected suppliers ranging from the well known to the up and coming, Artigiano is the most atmospheric wine bar Exeter has seen. Our customers enjoy fine wines from the fascinating vineyards of Italy to the easy drinking, fresh tones of Chile.

We select our stock to not only reflect the tastes of current trends, but to reflect our own approach to your experience. Our wide range on offer allows you to be as picky as you like in selecting your tipple for the evening, though it’s often difficult to stick to just one when faced with the ever-expanding offering on display. The most varied wine bar Reading has to offer, Artigiano offers a lively respite to enjoy a few sips with coworkers and an easy going, cosy hangout for a more personal meeting.

Aside from our collection of wines on offer, we also stock a variety of cask, keg, and bottle craft beers at every wine bar. Reading and Exeter benefit from a wide range of characters and tones in each of our hand selected craft beer offerings. An outstanding array awaits your selection at any one of our wine bars, Exeter, Reading, Cardiff, or London.

Fancy something with a few more bubbles? Join us for our weekly celebration of fizz! For a Friday night with a pop at a good wine bar, Exeter is the place the start. Featured alongside some of our tastiest foods and nibbles, our celebration of all things bubbly kicks off every Friday night in each of our locations. Or, if the mood takes you in a cocktail direction, we’ll be on hand to shake up a range of delectable treats. For the best atmospheric wine bar Reading locals can rely on look no further than Artigiano’s immense stock range.